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OneQ Wellness Emulsion Lysine & Multivitamin Syrup 120ml
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Brand OneQ
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  • For Children Development
  • Improve a child's appetite
  • Strawberry flavor

OneQ Wellness Emulsion Lysine & Multivitamin improve children appetites and promote healthy digestion as well as strengthening their body and health. It comes with strawberry flavor for a delicious taste that every child favorite.


An improved appetite is essential for picky eaters to ensure your child is getting sufficient calories, vitamins, and nutrients for their growth and development. Due to a lack of essential nutrients, picky eaters often have a weak constitution and may fall ill more often than other children. This however can be avoided by improving their appetite with supplements.


Usually parents share in their children development of such problem by showing their worries that their children not getting enough or balanced food nutrition. Feeding a child who will not eat or eats very little can be frustrating and stressful to the parents. Trying to persuade your child to eat more, most probably isn't beneficial; it might even have adverse effects by increasing refusal of eating.



1 tablespoonful per serving. Shake well before use.

What's in the box

Containing a OneQ Wellness Emulsion Lysine & Multivitamin 120ml.