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Contour TS Test Strips
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Brand Contour TS
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  • Easy to use
  • Small sample size
  • Accurate blood glucose test


Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucose Test Strips is a brilliant diabetic care product for diabetic patient to monitor the blood sugar level on a regular basis and keep a check on it. It gives you accurate results after just going through a few steps. It is convenient to use and it requires no coding as the meter automatically codes to test strip.



This diabetic care product has an ergonomic design and is really easy to use. Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucose Test Strips is primarily used for self-testing the blood sugar level, these strips are aptly designed for people on the go. You need to simply put a small drop of blood on the strip and get fast, pain free and accurate results without any hassles of going to the doctor. Now you can check your blood sugar level within the comfort of your home. The product is light weight and compact which makes it easy to carry around.



This blood glucose monitor is easy to use and handle. They make testing of blood sugar levels super easy. You can test your blood sugar levels at home with this blood glucose monitor that is convenient to use and simple in style and make. These strips will last you a long time and you can keep on using them for a few months. As these strips are a great buy, you can buy these in bulk and store them for future use.

What's in the box

Containing Contour TS test strips.

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